Hey, I'm Jasleen. What would you want to learn most about when you are using scratch?

Scratch is a great program to express your feelings. So far I have only made flappy bird on Scratch but its so much fun to use. I hopefully will be making more programs on scratch!

What have I learned so far from Hello World?

What I have learned from Hello World is that not only boys know/should do computer science but girls can also take interest in computer science.

What do you think of Hello World?

I think Hello World is a great program for girls to learn about computer science. Since not many girls are in computer science this is a great oppurtunity to learn about it and get to a great job in the future. There may not even be 1 job that doesn't use technology.

What questions do you have about women in computing or computer science?

Why are there such less women in computer science?

What do you think about scratch if you've already used it?

I think Scratch is a really cool website to express your feelings and have a creative mind. You can put anything you want that pops in your mind and create it on Scratch.