Hello World.

I am excited for spring break. My only homework is science. We went to Ronak's house and played the scavenger hunt game.

Isn't this bunny cute? Click on the google link underneath the picture and search cartoon bunnies to find more cute bunnies like this one.

  1. reading
  2. playing on the I-pad

My favorite movie is The Sound Of Music and My Fair Lady. They are both musicals.

The beginning of spring break was boring. When I went to this computer club run by Christina Li, Spring Break was a little more fun. On the first day of camp, we learned how to make our own flappy bird game using scratch. After that, we learned how to makeour own website using code. This is the website that I ended up making. We also had a guest speaker named Sparky. Sparky talked about her job at google. Then, it was time to go.
The next day, we played our Flappy Bird games for the 1st 10 minutes. Then, we made a painting game where you color onto a coloring sheet. After that, we talked to another guest speaker.v I am not done with this website.