My Random Universe

Welcome to my universe, a weird, unique, random place.

Above: This is my face as I am typing this out.

Now I'm guessing that you want to know more about me. Here's the basics:

I am enjoying my spring break. On Friday, my sister and I watched Into the Woods. She hated it, I thought it was fine. On Saturday, we went over to someone's place for a party. She and her friend always beg for a sleepover, so a sleepover they had. My friend and I stayed up until 1 am eating Starburst jelly beans and chatting. On Sunday, I had Road Scholar for Science Olympiad. Break was decent until now. Now, it's...awesome! I love this computer camp! Hello World is the best! On Monday, we created Flappy Bird games and started on our websites. My game had a purple ombre bird with cyan stripes. the game worked okay, but it wasn't the best. The website is the one that you're looking at right this very momnet! Surprise! On Tuesday, we created Android painting apps using MIT app inventor. We learned how to change brush size, backgrounds, and brush color. On Wednesday, we programmed Finch robots. They are really cute. I programmed mine to change its beak colors between cyan, magenta, lime green, and lilac. I also taught it to do a syncronized dance routine with my friends' robots. Today is the day when we get to show off our work at an expo. I am displaying this website. I am really proud of it. By the way, thanks for your support in taking the time to view this website.

Above: Awwwwww!!! My heart always melts whenever I see a Finch robot! You might think that this is weird, but they remind me of having a pet. Aren't they adorable?

Above: Proof that friendships are just that strong.
    My Hobbies!!!!
  1. Singing and songwriting (Express myself!)
  2. Playing violin and piano (Why don't they have a school orchestra??? >:-/)
  3. Robotics and computer programming (Not nerdy. Creative.)
  4. Hanging out with my homies (Friends are there for you... most of the time)
  5. Volunteering (Help out those in need!)
  6. DIY projects (It satisfies me that I can make something unique!)
Above: Someday, I want to build something like this. I shall name it...TEAL(Techy Electronic Assistive Learner). It will be a friend, teacher, doctor, you name it, to all.
Well, I've given you a brief tour of my random universe. Why don't you take a look at yours? Thanks for visiting! See you soon!

Note: This website was created during a spring camp called Hello World. It is an awesome experience if you are into computer programming and game design. Even if you have no experience with programming or haven't even bothered trying, it is still very fun and will teach you a lot! I've included the link to the website below: (Link to Hello World webite)