Hello World!

Hi, I am Julie Grace ElFishawy. I am 12 years old and in 7th grade. I was born in Dayton, Ohio, where my family lived until I was two, when we moved here to our house in Shelby Township, Michigan. I have a mom named Suzy, who is the most loving, compassionate, kind, smart woman I know. My dad, Karim, is calm, helpful, smart, and funny. The two of them have been married for 21 years and counting. They are both great role models for me. I also have an older sister, Shirley, who is 16 right now. She is a lot like me. She works very hard and is very smart. She is beautiful, funny, kind, and well-liked by just about everyone she knows. We are very close. I work super hard at everything I do. My parents always say that once I put my mind to something, there's no stopping me! I have always gotten great grades in school. A lot of my friends look to me for help with schoolwork, a hug, or someone to talk to. I love helping others, which is why I want to become a doctor someday. I am interes ted in being an ophthalmologist, or an eye surgeon. It may take me awhile to get there, and a lot of hard work, but I am ready for it!

I like information, which you can easily get from Google.