Hello World!

link to https://google.com

Hello World is were people can be awesome. People who are awesome are people who are smart. And if your smart you can go anywhere in life.It's time to start laugh world!:) Anyways time to talk about today, April 6th,2015... So today was when I made this awesome place or what ever you call it. And the start of the camp where I'm at right now. So now that I have a website I will be trying to do an update every single day if I can.Soo...yhea.:) Anyways here are somethings about me.

Most of my hobbies are...
  • Playing games
  • reading books
  • Watching youtubes
  • going to other friends houses for dinner
  • Playing minecraft
  • So now that it's April 7,2015 I will talk about today.today I learned to make a coloring app and how to make the app change to diffrent pictures.And on the page I colored some of the words and the background and changed font.Also,I changed the size of the words so that the people who have a hard seeing can read my page easier.