Hello World

Day 1: 4/6/2015


My spring break has been mostly boring.I never do anything on break, other than eat and sleep. The only exciting things so far were Easter and this computer programming club that I am typing from right now.I only have English homework, so I have time for stuff. I'm really excited to get some time off.

Easter (aka yesterday) was pretty fun. My sister and I found a lot of eggs (even though the hiding spots were SUPER GOOD this year). Some even had money in them! I'm $15 richer now, mostly thanks to my golden egg, which contained $10.I also have a basket full of LOTS OF CANDY!! I'm going to be in candy paradise!! After the Easter egg hunt, we went to my aunt's house. We had a grill there, which was great because my uncle is AMAZING on the grill. Overall,it was a pretty fun day!

Today, I am at the "Hello World" Computer programming camp. We are doing a lot of fun computer programming things, like creating our own game and making THIS VERY WEBSITE. It's only the first day of this camp, so there's a lot more to come!! I'm super pumped!!!

The website where I made my Flappy Bird game (SCRATCH)

Some of my friends

Some of my hobbies

  1. Drawing
  2. Collecting coins
  3. Reading
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