Hello World!
My name is Amira Martin. I am 12 years old and I have 1 sister and 4 older step brothers. I am a 6th grade student at Beck Centennial Elementary(k-6) and am going to Malow Junior High next year. Last year, I was elected as Safety Captain of Safety Patrol. My main job as Safety Captain is helping Kindergardners,First Graders, and Second Graders get safetly into their cars or with their parents or caretakers. I am also a member of the Macomb Ballet Company and a Volleyball team.Being in the Ballet Company is very fun, but you have to work hard, espically to pass the audition to get the role that you want to persue.So far, I have been in company for 3 years and my younger sister, Azana, has been in the Company as well, as her second year being in the company. Anyway, this year I am attending the Hello World Camp for my Spring Break. Luckily, it was open doors! This is a camp for girls in 6th grade through 8th grade that teaches game designs, programing, coding, and ext(As many already know). It is going great and I've learned so much. I'm also thankful for the guidance of counselours. With their help, they helped me form this website and many other great creations, such as a fitch robot, an android app,and ext. We have also had severall speakers come in and share their expirences with us as well. I hope that I can later take these skills and use them later in life.At this camp I have also made many friends,which was an additional bonus.Below you can find more information all about me!Hope you enjoy!

By:Amira Martin

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  1. Volleyball
  2. Ballet (Dance)
  3. Football
  4. Basketball
  5. Soccer
  6. Drawing
  7. SHOPPING(for clothes,shoes, acessories, ext)!!!
  8. Science/Ecology
  9. Economics
  10. Reading