Tina Li

  • Hello World creator
  • Mars Rover mechanical lead
  • Computer science researcher (RSI) (CURIS)
  • Solar car array team member
  • Stanford student (ME210) (ME203)
  • ThunderChickens alumni
  • Maker

Hello World

November 2014-present; Sterling Heights, MI

Hosted computer science camp for middle school girls to learn how to code websites, apps, robots, and games; hosted speakers from tech companies including Woodie Flowers from FIRST Robotics; hosted field trips to Google, University of Michigan, Microsoft, and GM; honored by Nickelodeon’s HALO Effect, White House Champions for Change, and CNN’s Young Wonders

University Rover Challenge

April 2017-present; Stanford, CA

Currently designing the suspension, chassis, and robot arm for Stanford’s inaugural team in the University Rover Challenge; using Solidworks Simulations to ensure the strength of designs; machining and welding mechanical components; overseeing testing of the rover before competition

Research Science Institute

June 2015-August 2015; Cambridge, MA

Worked with MIT’s Probabilistic Computing Lab under Dr. Vikash Mansinghka; created a simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm that used saved video footage from a drone to determine the locations of obstacles and flight path with the probabilistic computing system Venture

Stanford CURIS

June 2017-August 2017; Stanford, CA

Worked with Stanford’s IxD lab in the Human- Computer Interactions department under Dr. James Landay; developed an autonomous drone tour guide system with projected interface to direct tourists to locations and displays information; used Phantom 4, iOS programming, and OpenCV

ME210: Intro to Mechatronics

Winter quarter, freshman year; Stanford, CA

Worked with a team of three other students to create a fully autonomous robot in three weeks; learned electro-mechanical system design, how sensors work, rapid prototyping, etc.

ME203: Design & Manufacturing

Spring quarter, freshman year; Stanford, CA

Stanford's product realization class; learned machining (mill, lathe), welding, and casting; for the final project; designed a hand-turnable simple one cylinder piston to demonstrate how car engines worked

Stanford Solar Car

April 2017-September 2017; Stanford, CA

Soldered solar cells together to create modules; tested various composites to encapsulate more efficient array modules; attached array to the solar car for the 2017 World Solar Challenge; also spot welded part of the battery pack together

#217 the ThunderChickens

January 2014-June 2016; Sterling Heights, MI

Competitor for FIRST Robotics competition; programmed in C++ for both the teleoperated and autonomous portion of the swerve drive robot for 2015 season; taught and led programmers for 2016 season; wired the control system every season; aided with some manufacturing as well as outreach efforts throughout the years; programming lead, then VP of Controls


Manufacturing, design, software

  • Welding (TIG, MIG), machining (mill/lathe), woodworking/carpentry
  • Solidworks, Autodesk Fusion 360
  • C++, C, Java, Python, Objective C, Swift, MATLAB, ROS

Wanna chat? Email me at tinali3698@gmail.com!